About us

Kimia Pharmed Company is founded in 2020 with the efforts of university professors, abroad graduates, and experienced individuals in industry. In research and development department, its expert scientists have accomplished two unique formulations of Acid Etch and RC prep which are applicable by endodontists. Located inside the university, its scientists have access to the state of the art analytical instruments to evaluate the quality of the carefully designed products and conduct any complimentary tests, according to the meticulous standard protocols, to attract our customers’ attentions to the reliability of our products.

Practically, scientists in Kimia Pharmed are focused on two major area of research projects:

1-Production of dental materials:

Toward the goal of economic self-sufficiency of our country, Kimia Pharmed researchers are selective in choosing and designing of a potentially target product.

2- Production of medicinal compounds:

Considering demanding market of medicines, research scientists in Kimia Pharmed are involved in formulation of some selected medicinal products projects. Besides, Kimia Pharmed announces to be willing to cooperate with scientists and financial investors in this regards.

Kimia Pharmed products are going to be sold via our chosen representatives, consequently, ten primary candidates for being our representatives would benefit from special discounts in our product prices that will be announced later. However, meanwhile, Kimia Pharmed products will be sold through direct supply by company.

In Kimia Pharmed, international qualitative and managerial regulations, such as GMP and ISO13485, monitor the design and production of our products and regularly they need to pass strict standard controls such as cytotoxicity and microbial tests to obtain production legal permit from National Medical Device Directorate and Food and Drug national Organization before being released

Board of Directors

Dr. Fereshteh Motei

(Member of Board of Directors)

Dr. Saeed Taghvaei

(Head and a Member of Board of Directors)

Dr. Alireza Bakhtiary

(Chief Executive Officer)