Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does Kimia Pharmed collaborate with representatives?

Yes, Please send us you contact number through our WhatsApp, we will contact your after preliminary evaluation.

2- Does Kimia Pharmed only provide its own productions?

No, within a span of one year Kimia Pharmed will start providing its imported products and equipment in the field of dentistry. In this regard, we invite our colleagues to offer any cooperation plans and suggestions they may think of.

3- How does Kimia Pharmed qualifies an idea into a product?

Kimia Pharmed is a research based company and located inside a university. This company employs highly skilled scientist in the field to evaluate various suggested projects. When feasibility study is performed, a laboratory sample is prepared so that complementary qualitative tests and legal marketing permits to be obtain.

4- What is general condition under which Kimia Pharmed prepares its products?

Kimia Pharmed prepare its products under international qualitative and managerial standards ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO10002. Moreover, productions are performed totally under strict GMP regulations.

5- Is Kimia Pharmed active only in the field of dentistry?

No, Kimia Pharmed works with experienced experts from outside and inside Iran who are professional in the field formulation of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and dental materials.

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