Lotus-Etch Gel

Lotus-Etch is composed of phosphoric Acid 37% which is formulated into a stabilized gel using jellifying polymers so that it is convenient to be applied in dentistry. Louts-Etch formulated by Kimia Pharmed Pajoohan delivers a smooth material with adjusted viscosity which makes it suitable for common restorative procedures. Lotus-Etch gel with adjusted viscosity provides the possibility of etching the age of enamel without affecting the tooth dentin and it totally suitable to perform any of three etching techniques including Selective-Etching, Total-Etching and Self-Etching. Efficacy of Lotus-etch may be extended to tooth enamel surface preparation before bonding procedure.

Lotus-Etch Gel possess numerous advantages including:

  • Washes off quickly and easily using water spray
  • When washed off it does not leave any residue to weaken boding between restorative materials and tooth.
  • Highly effective in removing smear layer to perform bonding procedure.
  • It might have limited and case dependent side effects.
  • Its blue color is adjusted to provide clear-cut contrast with tooth enamel.

Lotus-Etch products are introduced into the market in three types of packaging:

1-Box containing 2×2.5 ML (LHA-02)

2-Box containing 4×2.5 ML (LHA-04)

3- Box contingent 1×50 ML (LAH-01)

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