Lotus-Prep (Root Canal Preparation Cream)

Cleaning and disinfection of the root canals are among the critical steps in root canal treatments. Lotus-prep with unique formulation may decompose and disintegrate remaining dead tissue in teeth pulps and disinfect them; moreover, it lubricates and facilitate the movements of applied instruments inside the canal, preventing their accidental breakings inside the root canals. In addition, Lotus-prep may have prominent role in removing smear layer. Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) is an important constituent in Lotus-Prep that is capable of removing the calcified tissues in root canals with high rate of calcifications and peroxide used it its formulation has a significant role in cleaning and disinfection of root canals as well as dissolving the organic materials or tissues need to be removed. Lotus-prep is highly soluble in water and its peroxide component may generate oxygen bubbles when mixed with sodium hypochlorite to float out the debris produced during the root canal treatments.

Lotus-Prep Prominent Advantages:

  • Lotus-Prep is efficient in removing vital and/or necrotic pulp tissue from the canal when reacted with the sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • When mixed with sodium hypochlorite, Lotus-prep releases oxygen bubbles which facilitate taking out dead pulp tissues and debris produced during the root canal treatments.
  • This product cleans the canal thoroughly and opens up the dentin tubules, which enhances the penetration of medicaments throughout the root canal system.
  • This product is highly water soluble which can be washed off the canal quickly and fully along with debris.

Lotus-prep product are introduced to the market in two types of packaging:

1-Box containing 2×5 ML (LRC-02)

2-Box containing 3×5 ML (LRC-03)

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